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Dear Friends,

for more than 10 years I have lived in the Philippines and made my home here in Cebu and after the recent cyclone Haiyan I received lots of worried emails and calls as to our safety. All my colleagues, my friends and myself are safe. We survived the storm without any harm. But we are the lucky ones. Many others are not.
We are in contact with many of our friends who have information about the situation locally and the information we are receiving is devastating.

People are without drinking water. They are without food and have no roof over their head.
Quite simply, people are having to drink dirty water, they are starving and are having to sleep in the rain........

On Cebu and all over the Philippines there is a huge wave of solidarity. But they will not survive on their own this time. They really do need our help.

We have therefore set-up a donation account:

Account number: 102708088
Bank code: 58564788
Volksbank Hochwald-Saarburg EG
Account holder: KONPLOTT SARL
Intended purpose: PHILIPPINEN
IBAN: DE65585647880102708088

or you can simply donate online:

We promise you that every single euro will go directly to the cause. We will undertake all administrative and logistical costs.
In that way we can promise that every euro will be spent on
- Water
- Food
- Building Materials
- Medicine
And nothing else.
With much gratitude,


PS: Because of the short advance we cannot offer contribution receipts. If you need one, please, donate to other charity organizations of which many do a great job as well

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